Management platform for healthcare professionals

Appointment booking, follow-up of patient files, billing, human resources management… Everything is done in a few clicks whether you are self-employed, office manager or manager of several practices!

Epia users save on average 1.5h / week.

The all-in-one solution to save time!

We organize tasks that are not part of your value-added activities.


Staff management

Patient files follow up

Appointments management

Desktop and mobile friendly


A simple and intuitive interface

No set up needed, a clear vision, an efficient dashboard.

They save time with Epia

Independent health professionals: physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician, midwife, psychologist… They participate in the continuous improvement of the platform.

"Since the generation of my invoices is automated, I am no longer afraid to send them to the insurance companies. My patients receive appointment notifications and reminders without the secretary having to do anything. I am 100% dedicated to what I love to do: find adaptations to my patients' homes."


Occupational therapist, Geneva

"Every day I see that I save time. And my job is not an accountant or a coordinator… Thanks to Epia, I forget what used to take my time and I can do my job and only my job."


Physiotherapist, Geneva

“When you are in charge of a firm, you always need to find solutions. Epia responds to many organizational issues that we had before. »


Physiotherapist, Génève

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