Who are we?


Starting from a simple observation that healthcare professionals spend too much time on 'other' tasks that are not an integral part of their expertise: healthcare.

Our team has set out to develop a solution that would bring together all support functions to enable these same practitioners to spend their time creating real value for their patients. Our team, composed of six passionate and experienced individuals in the fields of healthcare and tech, is dedicated to the development of Epia to address the specific needs of healthcare professionals, taking into account the demands of their daily work.

Our mission


To serve professionals, support them, and ensure a high level of service to allow them to focus on their profession. Just as our experts in development and application solutions work on the Epia platform, our clients should be able to carry out their work without having to waste excessive time on administrative, accounting, or organizational tasks.

Our values


We are driven by strong human values: empathy, kindness, and professionalism. We focus all our attention on supporting our users in their daily lives to help them provide the best possible care to their patients.

We are also passionate about technology and believe that it can revolutionize the world of healthcare. That's why we have created an innovative solution that combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with the power of digital tools.

We strive to provide our users with an efficient, reliable, and user-friendly solution.

A specialized and passionate team

Behind Epia, there is a team that combines expertise, ambition, and passion. Their mission? To give healthcare professionals back their time!  






Lead Developer



Expert Physiothérapie

They save time with Epia

Independent health professionals: physiotherapist, occupational therapist, dietician, midwife, psychologist… They participate in the continuous improvement of the platform.

"Since the generation of my invoices is automated, I am no longer afraid to send them to the insurance companies. My patients receive appointment notifications and reminders without the secretary having to do anything. I am 100% dedicated to what I love to do: find adaptations to my patients' homes."


Occupational therapist, Geneva

"Every day I see that I save time. And my job is not an accountant or a coordinator… Thanks to Epia, I forget what used to take my time and I can do my job and only my job."


Physiotherapist, Geneva

“When you are in charge of a firm, you always need to find solutions. Epia responds to many organizational issues that we had before. »


Physiotherapist, Génève

Let's discuss your needs!

Our team will be able to answer your questions and help you personalize your Epia experience. You also save time.